Local History

Grayson County, Virginia has an incredibly rich history and many interesting sites to explore. Whether it's historic architecture, farms, or the beautiful 1908 Courthouse, there is a diverse and extensive past to discover!

Grayson County History

Grayson County, named for William Grayson, one of Virginia's first two senators, was formed in 1793.

By 1802, over 100 families had settled in Grayson- Independence was made the county seat. The first courthouse was built in Independence and served until 1904, when it was condemned. A new courthouse was completed by builder E.L. Robbins in 1908. Today, the Historic 1908 Courthouse functions as the art and cultural center of Grayson County.

Rich with history, Grayson County is proud to have a wealth of information, data, and photographs for genealogic and historic research.