Honeybird Hill – Kyle Yuditsky

I will be set up with wood-working demonstrations and jewelry for sale at Rugby Creek Animal Rescue Farm both Saturday, 1314 Rugby Rd, Mouth of Wilson and Sunday at the Historic 1908 Courthouse during the Gospel & Old-Time Concert.

I graduated from Millersville University with a BFA in Fine Arts in 2013. Moved to Grayson County in late 2020. My work is a bit all over the place, but my main media these days is wood & natural materials. I take trees from my property and transport them to my neighbors band-saw mill, where I cut them down to useable lumber. I often retain the live edges. I use a lot of hand-tools like chisels and planes, though chainsaws & tablesaws have their place. The next is a work-in-progress table, as I transition to making furniture. I aim to utilize traditional joinery as much as possible, chopping mortises and sawing tenons, etc. I’m very excited to turn the raw material of trees into functional art, controlling every step of the process. Flower presses and collages, sustainable hand-crafted furniture, handmade wooden signs, non-representative paintings. I’ve made cigarbox guitars in the past, & plan to build a dulcimer soon. I also dabble in hobby-electronics, making small amplifiers and noise-synthesizers.

Address: 154 Mud Creek Rd, Whitetop

Phone: 2767592665