Established in 1902, our charming bed and breakfast has undergone a fascinating transformation over the years. Originally built to provide room and board to those working in the local mill, it has since played various roles in the community’s story. In the aftermath of the devastating 1940s flood that washed away the back half of the inn, it was repurposed as a restaurant and continued to offer room and board to families in need. Today, this once-humble establishment stands as a beautifully remodeled and modernized destination, while still retaining its timeless historic essence. Throughout the inn, you’ll discover well-preserved photographs and layouts that pay homage to our heritage. We invite you to be part of our ongoing narrative, where the past meets the present, and history blends seamlessly with contemporary comfort. 

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The Washington Inn

Welcome to The Historic Washington Inn, a cherished piece of Fries, Virginia's rich history.

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