Alexander Brooms & Crafts – John & Susan Alexander

Our family has hand crafted brooms, poplar bark baskets, walking sticks, and Appalachian toys for well over 50 years. The basket, toys and walking sticks making skills were handed down to me by my father in the 50s and 60s. Our broom making skills began at Berea College and have continued to this day. All of our crafts are made from locally grown and sustainable materials except for the broom corn. The broomcorn is imported from Mexico. We then process and dye the broomcorn as needed. Most of the tools and equipment we use reflect 18th and 19th century methods and skills. We are often asked if our brooms work. Our reply is ” They work if you do.” Meaning, all brooms, walking sticks, baskets, and toys, while beautiful to look at, are meant to be used. It is our hope that these handcrafted items will become family treasures that you pass down to the next generation.

Address: 279 Penny Lane, Independence, VA 24348

Website: [email protected]

Phone: 2767680458