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This tool is provided for the convenience of recreational users, and is not intended for commercial use. Locations of river access points are approximate. River conditions may change rapidly depending on weather, erosion and other variables, and the identification of access locations within this tool does not ensure that such locations are suitable for use under present river conditions. Users should carefully observe weather and river conditions before embarking. The County of Grayson and its vendors assumes no liability whatsoever for the use of this tool and specifically disclaims such. This tool is intended to serve as a starting point for planning recreational outings, but cannot serve as a substitute for on-site and in-person observations of weather and river conditions. Users of this tool should consult the National Weather Service or other appropriate source of data for trip planning. River activities may not be suitable for all users, depending upon user experience, skill level and weather and river conditions. Water sports inherently involve risk, and users should exercise due caution in embarking upon any outdoor water activities.
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  Please be advised:
Current gage readings depicts that the water is unsafe to enter. Current gage height level is higher than 2.5 feet.

  Please be advised:
Gage may be stuck or not sending data updates.

Important Notice:
Far upstream conditions may be different than what the downstream gage is depicting. Please use the weblinks below to make informed decisions before planning or beginning any float. Please advise that changes in water conditions upstream will impact personal safety and float times.

USGS Galax Gage Station Telemetry:

Data from USGS
Most Recent Data
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Streamflow: ft3/sec -
Gage height: feet -

  Please be advised:
Conditions may be unsafe for recreating on the river. See "Informed" tab to check for Alert Notifications and provided links.

Calculate Float Times:

Enter in Start location and method type (paddle effort) to calculate the estimated float time to the next take out point. This uses current gage readings. NOTE: Your actual travel time can vary due to wind direction, wind speed and path traveled within the river channel.