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Music In  Grayson.

The musical history of Grayson County originates from English and Scots-Irish Settlers who brought their sounds to the new world. This traditional music continues today and can be found throughout much of Grayson County.


Grayson County has a rich history of traditional music that is showcased in different venues, from festivals and conventions to jams and concerts.  Each musical event presents authentic artists that capture the essence of the area's cultural heritage.

There are festivals, events, concerts, and conventions scheduled on a monthly basis, so you can plan your vacation in Grayson County, any time of the year!


Grayson County's local music jams are free and very informal. You can be a "spectator" if you want, however, it's hard to just sit and watch.  You will probably want to dance, sing, clap, stomp your feet or bring an instrument and join the fun! The jams are a great way to experience the area's authentic, traditional music.  

The Crooked Road comprises 333 miles of a musical heritage trail unique to southwestern Virginia. The trail goes from Franklin County to Dickenson County and offers 9 major venues, over 60 affiliated festivals/venues, and 26 roadside, radio transmitting, exhibits that provide a self-guided tour.  Plan your vacation along The Crooked Road and visit all of its venues including Grayson County. 

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